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Tecloman’s Advanced IDC Solutions: Revolutionizing Data Center Energy Storage

Tecloman introduces its advanced IDC (Internet Data Center) Solutions, designed to transform data center energy storage and power supply systems. Tecloman’s innovative approach replaces traditional lead-acid battery and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solutions with high energy density lithium iron phosphate batteries and rapid switch technology.

High Energy Density Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for Enhanced Performance

Tecloman’s IDC Solutions utilize high energy density lithium iron phosphate batteries, revolutionizing the performance of data center energy storage systems. These advanced batteries offer superior energy storage capabilities compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. With higher energy density, Tecloman’s solutions enable data centers to store more energy in a smaller footprint, optimizing space utilization. The use of lithium iron phosphate batteries enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of data center power supply systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations and reducing maintenance requirements. Tecloman’s commitment to cutting-edge technology allows data center operators to achieve new levels of performance and sustainability.

Rapid Switch Technology for Seamless Power Transitions

Tecloman‘s IDC Solutions incorporate rapid switch technology, further enhancing data center power supply efficiency. Unlike conventional backup power sources that rely on lead-acid batteries, Tecloman’s rapid switch technology enables seamless transitions between grid power and battery backup. This technology minimizes power disruptions and eliminates the risk of downtime during power outages or fluctuations. With Tecloman’s advanced power switching capabilities, data center operators can ensure uninterrupted operations, safeguard critical data, and maintain the highest level of service availability to their customers.


Tecloman’s advanced IDC Solutions revolutionize data center energy storage and power supply systems. By utilizing high energy density lithium iron phosphate batteries and rapid switch technology, Tecloman enables data centers to achieve unmatched energy efficiency and reliability.

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