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Revolutionize Antenna Testing with Sunyield’s SY-CATR Series for Compact Range Antenna Measurement

Accurate antenna measurement is vital for optimizing wireless communication performance. Sunyield Technologies introduces the SY-CATR series, a range of compact range antenna measurement systems designed to elevate antenna testing to new heights. As Thanksgiving approaches, let’s explore Sunyield’s SY-CATR series.

Space-Saving Design and Precision Measurements

The SY-CATR series from Sunyield features an integral curling surface, boasting an RMS of less than 20um. This innovative design saves valuable space compared to conventional saw-tooth reflectors while maintaining exceptional measurement accuracy. The compact range antenna measurement systems provide precise evaluations of antenna performance, enabling engineers to optimize designs and enhance wireless network efficiency.

Versatile Active and Passive Testing Capabilities

Sunyield’s SY-CATR series incorporates a bias feed design, making it suitable for both active and passive testing. This versatility allows businesses to perform a wide range of tests using network analyzers or spectrum analyzers, along with the corresponding spread spectrum components. With the formation of an elliptical quiet zone within a certain longitudinal distance, the SY-CATR series facilitates accurate and reliable testing for various applications. This adaptability in testing capabilities enables businesses to express gratitude for the flexibility and efficiency in evaluating antenna performance.

Customizable Solutions and User-Friendly Features

The SY-CATR series is equipped with a multi-dimensional bearing turntable, providing customization options for test tooling and electric auxiliary shafts based on user requirements. This feature ensures that businesses can tailor the measurement system to their specific needs, leading to more accurate and relevant results. Additionally, the systems come with a movable base, enhancing user-friendliness during placement and deployment. The combination of customizable solutions and user-friendly features allows businesses to express gratitude for the ease and efficiency in implementing antenna testing processes.


Sunyield’s SY-CATR series of compact range measurement systems revolutionizes antenna testing with its space-saving design, versatile testing capabilities, and user-friendly features. By utilizing the integral curling surface and achieving precise measurements, businesses can optimize antenna designs and deliver exceptional wireless communication experiences. The ability to perform both active and passive testing with flexibility and accuracy enables businesses to express gratitude for the invaluable insights gained through the SY-CATR series. As Thanksgiving approaches, let us appreciate the advancements in compact range antenna measurement technology that empower us to build stronger and more efficient wireless networks.

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