Pairs of 3 skewers that are the most accurate – If you follow them, you will win 99% of the time.

What numbers are the most common 3-way pairs? Suggested winning skewer pairs – Predict Northern lottery numbers every day from the channel Nhà cái new88 our reputation. Below will be instructions on the best methods to play lottery and how to self-predict for new players.

What is skewer 3?

Before learning about the popular 3-way pairs, have you grasped all the easiest ways to play 3-way games today? This is a variation of regular parlays, instead of playing one lot or pair of numbers, you will choose a set of 3 numbers. For example, 34 – 43 – 89. You bet on these 3 numbers in a cross and if all 3 numbers come in the lottery, you will win.

However, you must hit three at a time and if you miss one of the three, it will be counted as not winning this 3-way bet. “Place” means you need to hit 1 number line. Therefore, most of these games are considered difficult to play but the money earned is very high. Many players have consulted the popular three-way pairs and played every day, they have received a worthy amount of money.

If you can apply all the experience and effective methods of catching numbers, the possibility of winning the 3-way lottery is quite high.

Instructions for placing 3-way lottery online

If you don’t know how to bet on 3-way lottery at online lottery casinos, please refer to the instructions for playing lottery with how to play 3-way lottery before learning about the popular 3-way lottery pairs below:

Step 1: First you need to access a reputable bookmaker/game portal/lottery betting address.

Step 2: Select “Lottery”. Normally, there will be many types of lottery games here such as Northern, Central, and Southern lottery. Choose the lottery you participate in most often.

Step 3: In each lottery category, you will choose how to play, for example, choose “Different lot” → “3-parcel”.

Step 4: The player chooses three numbers (Can enter by hand or choose available numbers). You must choose all 3 numbers to set up a lottery bet.

Step 5: Choose bet level and confirm payment. If you already have money in your game account, your bet will be deducted directly in the game.

Then you just need to wait for the lottery results at the end of the day to know whether your bet prediction is correct or not.

Method for predicting winning 3-way pairs

Predicting the best 3-way pairs is not set at random, but experts have used software and calculation methods with the highest accuracy rate. Below are methods you can refer to to try your own fortune-telling.

Numbers that often come together

This is how to play cross lottery – the pairs of 3-strings that often come back are recognized by many people because the prediction will be based on complete statistics about the results every day over a long period of time. Here are some good pairs of numbers that come together:

  • 25 – 52 will return to 22.
  • 010 returned with 373.
  • 47 often returns to 76.
  • 11 returns with 43 – 44.
  • 65 or 66 goes with 33.

Check familiar numbers

According to statistics, pairs of lots that often appear together you can see like 75; 79 ; 92; 95; 373; 65. These pairs of lots often appear together. These cases have been recorded in many cases.

  • For example, on April 16, there were 3 pairs 75 – 79 – 373.
  • XSMB results on April 7 came out 79 – 92 – 65.
  • On April 5, the results also came out 79 – 95 – 65.

Looking for money to remember

Silver memory is a way to play lottery that tracks the cycle and frequency of occurrence. This means that in certain cycles, if one day there is an A number, the next day there will definitely be a B number. To apply this way of playing, you need to spend a lot of time watching the lottery results for many consecutive years. .


According to the special prize

You can also predict the best 3-way pairs based on the special prize. Normally, people will calculate the special prize of the Northern lottery results within 30 days in a vertical row. Then the distance of the repeating cycles will be compared to see the number with the highest probability.

Predict the best 3-way pair today

This is a statistical prediction for the best 3-way pair that can come out today. These predictions have been based on methods carried out by experts, applying the most accurate software.


Above are predictions for the best 3-way pairs today, the most accurate lottery statistics from experts. Hopefully from the above content, you have found the most beautiful pair of 3-skewers today. Hopefully the information has helped you make the most accurate choice today.

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