How to Play 6-Card Cards  Okvip: Introductory Guide for Newcomers

How to play the 6-card Binh card game Also simple, without too many complicated rules. However, newbies should still learn the details to participate more confidently and boldly. In the article below, OKVIP bike We will synthesize complete information about the 6-card card game to help new players understand clearly.

Introducing the 6-card card game

We need to learn about the game to easily grasp how to play 6-card Binh. Accordingly, Binh card is one of the interesting red and black games and is loved by many people. In addition to this name, gamers can also call it in many other ways such as Catte, Indian Binh,…

To start playing, the game will use a deck of 52 cards and the game requires about 2 – 6 people. Many people consider the 6-card Binh card game to be quite unique with attractive rules. Not only that, the game and 9-card Mau Binh also have many similarities. With strange yet familiar, old yet new principles, it creates a special attraction for this subject.

Basic 6-card card game rules that new players need to understand

Learning the rules is an important thing that cannot be overlooked in the process of learning how to play 6-card Binh. Among them, items that newbies need to understand include:

Common term

To understand how to play the 6-card card game in detail, participants must next clearly understand the common terms in the game. Not only that, this also helps gamers gain an advantage by arranging the strongest cards. Include:

  • Dead Tung: If the first 4 games are lost and 4 cards are face down, it is considered Dead Tung.
  • Thang Tung: If everyone else dies Tung, the player Thang Tung.
  • White Win: The person holding special groups of cards such as 6 cards of the same suit, four of a kind or cards no larger than 6. White Win is an immediate win and does not require playing in the following rounds.
  • Cards: Face down cards.
  • Show: Cards in round 5.
  • Last: The last remaining cards in each specific round.

Basic game rules

Understanding the basic rules below is considered to grasp 90% of how to play 6-card Binh. Regarding the rules in the game, participants only need to pay attention to the following items:

The value of the cards is arranged in ascending order from A – K, the A card is the smallest and the K card is the largest.

  • First round of play: All players will participate in 6 rounds. In round 1, the first player will be randomly assigned. From round 2, the right to play first belongs to the winner of the previous round.
  • To start the bet, the player needs to play down any 1 card. The next players can choose to fold their cards or play. The round takes place clockwise, only when it is their turn does the player have the right to play.
  • The game only ends when all players either face down or play their cards. At that time, the person holding the big card can use it to compare in the next round and have a chance to win.
  • In the final round, everyone will compare to find the person with the largest and most closely linked deck of cards.

How to play 6-card Binh card through rounds

The first part mentioned that the official game will include all 6 rounds. Participants will bet on round 1 and choose the first player. The rules continue to be similar to the above until the end of round 3. From round 4 onwards, the principles will change slightly and participants need to clearly understand the following:

4th round

The way to play the 6-card Binh card from round 4 will not be the same as the first 3 rounds. Regarding the differences in round 4:

  • The winning player has the right to keep the cards, round 4 is the end of the game.
  • Players cannot keep their cards if they lose.
  • If more than 1 person gets the right to hold some, round 5 begins.
  • The bet only ends when round 6 is played.

5th round

How to play 6-card Binh in the 5th round also has some special rules. Includes a few of the following:

  • The person who has the right to show cards is the winner in round 4. Cards are also shown if all players have cards.
  • Players who do not win in any of the previous 4 rounds cannot participate in rounds 5 or 6.
  • Players can see cards in the last 2 rounds if the round 6 card is on round 5.

6th round

The player’s cards will be revealed in this final round and the rules for calculating spare cards will be the same as in previous rounds. Victory will belong to the person holding the K of spades (the largest card).

Article by  Okvip Instructions on how to play the basic 6-card Binh card game for new players. Hope everyone learns carefully before participating to have more effective bets. Wishing gamers will always win as expected!

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