Instructions on how to play super exciting New88 cyclone with “huge” rewards

Sam Loc is a familiar game in the North of our country. Thanks to the outstanding development of technology, you can experience this betting sport with Bookmaker Neu88. In the article below, New88 will Instructions on how to play Sam Loc New88 The simplest reward exchange for new participants. Join us to find out what the rules of this sport are, what attractions it has that so many people love.

Basic rules of New88 ginseng for beginners

The rules of Sam Loc New88 have many similarities with Tien Len Mien Nam, however there are still some differences. In each round of cyclone there will be 2 – 5 people, each person is dealt 10 cards by the Dealer. The remaining cards that are not dealt are placed face down, not for the players to see.

When starting to play, each person will play cards in a counter-clockwise direction. The second person must play a card larger than the first person. The circle repeats until the first person to run out of cards appears, ending. , the winner will receive the prize money.

In New88 cyclone, the person holding the smallest card or the card in the previous game will play first, the order of the cards is arranged in order from the 3 to the 2 card (pig) which is the largest. The biggest difference in Sam Loc New88 card is that it does not divide the suit into clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades, only determining the size according to the letters and numbers printed on the card.

Familiar term in the card game New88

Sam Loc New88 has some familiar terms that are used in almost every game. You should refer to them first to avoid being confused:

  • Chop: use four of a kind to cut a 2, a pair of 2s or a large four of a kind to eat a smaller four of a kind (for example a four of a kind 10 to eat a four of a kind of 3.
  • Warning: the player is sure that no one else can play the card he is about to play, which means he has priority to play first. In a situation where there are many people reporting in a game, the fastest person will play first.
  • Override: after someone cuts, someone else cuts a larger number, it is called pressing, for example, a four of a kind 5 cuts a 2, then a four of a kind 7 cuts a four of a kind 5. In this case, the player plays a four of a kind card. 5 must be bet on the player who plays four of a kind 7, the person who plays 2 will not lose anything.
  • Bad cards: Sam Loc card rules do not play the second card at the end of the game. If you save it until the end, even if you run out of previous cards, you still lose.
  • Win white: in case the player owns a deck of cards including special cards such as 10-card straight, four-of-a-kind, 5-pair, 3-card, 10 cards of the same color red and black (no need to be of the same suit)… then wins without needing to win. fight.
  • Freeze/hang cards: Players who do not show any cards throughout the game will be frozen or lose the game.
  • Card cards: include 2 types: card cards and white cards. The white penalty situation occurs when a participant owns a larger piece but cannot suppress the opponent or report. In this case, bets must be paid for all players in the game.
  • Ask the village: after arranging the cards, if the player feels that his cards are stable and can win without losing, he can ask to play first. If you succeed, you will get the entire bet; otherwise, if you lose, you will have to pay back the entire village.

Standard card playing rules of New88 lottery

After arranging the cards, the player will proceed to play, each turn in the Sam Loc New88 game will have the following cases occur:

  • Playing 3 of spades: After the cards are dealt, the player who opens the card with 3 of spades will play first. In case this card does not appear, the smallest card of the hand will be played first.
  • Block cards and continue playing: Depending on the odd card, pair, card, or straight, the next person will play a larger card to block the card, continue playing one more turn.
  • Play again if no one blocks: In case the player plays any card but no one blocks, then play again, there is no regulation on what card to play.
  • Report cards: When a player only has 1 card left, they must notify all players in the game, hiding will result in forfeiture.
  • Chopping cards: After someone reports the cards, the person sitting in front will chop each card to prevent the next person from coming first. If you can’t block it, at the end of the game you will lose the bet, consider the cards and pay when there are still pig or four-of-a-kind cards left.

How to calculate points when playing Sam Loc at Bookmaker New88

New88 card game is not difficult to play, but the scoring method will cause trouble for newcomers to this game. You can learn more about the detailed scoring below:

  • In the normal game: You calculate points by calculating the total of the remaining cards in your hand, multiplying by the bet on the hand, bonus 1 2 card, 1 four of a kind.
  • White: The winner will receive a reward equal to 20 x the bet amount, plus 1 2 card and any 1 four of a kind.
  • Ask the village: If you win, you will win from another player in the game 20 x the bet they placed.
  • Village Temple: If you lose, you must pay the other opponent 20 x the bet in the game.
  • Cuong: Calculate points by 15 x the bet in the game, plus 1 2 card and any 1 four of a kind.
  • When a four of a kind cuts 2, the player in the block she blocks will count 15 points. On the contrary, when a big four of a kind cuts over a small four, the score is 10 points.

Instructions on how to play Sam Loc New88 from A – Z

After carefully learning the rules of the game and how to calculate points, you can safely join Sam Loc to redeem rewards at New88 Bookmaker. The official New88 page always does not block devices, and the connection is strong, helping players have the most enjoyable experience.

Register/log in account at New88

First of all, to play Sam Loc New88, you must have an account on the official website New88. To register, you just need to visit the website, click REGISTER and provide necessary information such as account name, phone number, email…

From the next login, your New88 account has been authenticated, just enter your account name and password to be able to play.

Deposit money into New88 personal wallet

In addition to instructions on how to play Sam Loc New88, those who want to “conquer” this sport need to pump blood into their accounts.

Currently, the House allows deposits through many forms such as Internet Banking, e-wallets, coins, scratch cards… giving you the freedom to choose. Maximum time for money to be added to account is 3 – 5 minutes.

Choose the Sam Loc playing hall and place a bet

Next, at the official interface of New88 Bookmaker, click on Casino → Select Sam Loc card game and place a bet.

Note that you should keep track of the history of previous games of the table you want to join. If there are players who win continuously, you should “avoid quickly”, winning against these people is super difficult.

Withdraw money to account

After the game ends, if you win the bet, the system will automatically collect your opponent’s money and transfer it immediately to your personal wallet. Players can withdraw to the bank to use or use capital to continue playing. The playing account is 100% secure without worrying about information leakage.

Some good tips from “masters” when playing Sam Loc

Players participating in the game, in addition to instructions on how to play Sam Loc New88, must also update some good tips to easily win. At New88 Bookmaker, there is always no shortage of “undercover” experts. As long as you study hard, you will earn decent rewards:

  • Prioritize playing doubles, straights, and jacks first to insert odd pieces. Absolutely do not play small trash pieces because they will easily be blocked, leading to losing your turn.
  • If the card is big and has the possibility of coming first, you should lure the 2 out first by playing from the odd numbers to J, Q, K, A. The case of four of a kind is very low, so you don’t need to be afraid of being blocked.
  • When the cards are good, you should proactively report quickly to win the first turn. Not only will you win the bet on that table, you can also consider your opponent’s cards.
  • Possessing a 2 in your hand, you must monitor the game closely, do not play first, check your opponent to see if anyone has a 2 cut or not. However, don’t leave it until it rots.

The above is Instructions on how to play Sam Loc New88 from A – Z, even if you are new, you can participate easily. However, no matter how passionate you are, this is just a form of entertainment, you should limit your capital and don’t lose your temper when playing. Don’t forget to register New88 And stay tuned for our next issues!

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