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Attract More Customers in the Market with Hanshow’s ESL System

In an era of rapid digitalization and shifting consumer demands, Hanshow has emerged as a global leader in providing digital technology solutions for the retail industry. They give the affordable digital price tag and the electronic shelf label. With a focus on reducing operational costs, increasing sales, and enhancing the customer experience, Hanshow’s ESL system has become a game-changer for retailers worldwide.

Keep Prices Accurate and Consistent

Retailers today face numerous challenges, including the need for price accuracy, improving operational efficiency, and meeting customer expectations for enhanced product information. Hanshow’s ESL system addresses these challenges head-on by eliminating pricing discrepancies between labels and registers. With real-time updates, the ESL system ensures that prices are accurate and consistent, reducing customer frustrations and improving overall satisfaction.

Simplify the Order Picking Process

Another innovative feature of Hanshow’s ESL system is the integration of navigation and LED lighting for order picking processes. This functionality streamlines the order picking process by generating a picking route with flashing lights, guiding delivery order pickers to their next item efficiently. By reducing the time and effort required for order picking, retailers can enhance operational efficiency and meet delivery deadlines more effectively.

Beyond Order Selecting Support and Pricing Correctness

Hanshow’s ESL system goes beyond price accuracy and order picking assistance. It also provides expanded display options, enabling retailers to offer customers more detailed product information. The ESL system allows for the display of additional details such as nutritional information, product specifications, and customer reviews. This empowers customers to make more informed purchasing decisions, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Hanshow’s ESL system is transforming the retail industry by addressing key challenges faced by retailers today. With its price accuracy, navigation and LED lighting for order picking, expanded display options, and employee well-being benefits, the ESL system empowers retailers to reduce costs and increase sales. As retailers navigate the changing landscape of the industry, partnering with Hanshow provides them with the digital tools necessary to thrive in a competitive market and meet evolving customer expectations.

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