5 Most Popular Flower Identification Apps

These apps allow you to identify flowers easily and learn more about them.

Are you a gardener or just an observer of nature? You might be interested in flowers and all things related to them. This vast field is constantly evolving, which allows people to learn new varieties of greens and plants. For many, however, only a few familiar types of flowers are available.

It is difficult to recognize a flower from a variety of plants because it can be so many. There are many examples of plant recognition apps that can help people to identify the species. A well-built app for plant identification, such as Lily – Plant or GardenAnswers can be used. Are you required to use these apps? These lines should have intrigued you. AI-based tools offer many opportunities for nature lovers. Let’s find out how to recognize a new bloom.

Why flower identification apps

It might be tempting to wonder if it is worth using the iOS tool or the Android tool to identify plants. There are many flower apps available for Android and iPhone. They’re easy to use and provide quick results. But is it really necessary?

  • It’s an amusement. You can discover new species by taking a stroll in a park, or traveling to another country. This is when a new tool may be useful.
  • It is also great for students and children. An interactive online tool can help them to learn more about the plants or flowers.
  • Many scientists are not familiar with all species of plants. It might be best to use tools for flower identification.

These are just a few reasons to consider downloading a new app. You will have access to a vast array of plant types.

Top 5 Handy Mobile Tools for Flower Identification

Let’s begin with the top App Store tools that you can use to learn more about flowers. The following apps will make the process easy and quick.


Planta is a user-friendly flower application. It has a trendy design that will appeal to even the pickiest users. Get plant recommendations to expand your knowledge and skills. Plant identification is one of the best features. The Planta app allows you to organize your research and experiences by creating a plant journal.

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LiLy-Plant identifier and care

Let’s move on to the most commonly used flower identifiers. This app can be downloaded to your iOS device. What makes it different from other similar apps? The tool will provide seamless user experience. There will be no performance issues or other errors. The app can identify almost all flowers, even those with unique names. There is no need to spend time looking through articles or books. With the Lily-Plant tool, everything is stored securely and made available online.


This App Store tool will make flower identification easier. Online help is available if you’re overwhelmed by the flowers and don’t have the skills to identify them. GardenAnswer is a flower identification app. It offers a rich toolkit to make your user experience the most rewarding.


You have come across an unusual plant that you would like to learn more about. You don’t have to search the internet for similar photos. Now you can take your smartphone and snap a picture of the plant to instantly find out its type. PlantNet is easy to use on any mobile device, ensuring a great user experience.


PlantSnap is the last app on our list. The only thing you will need to use this tool is a smartphone with a camera. The tool will quickly show you the results and give you all the information about the flower. It contains all the information you need in one tool. It sounds great!

Last words

Many people limit their smartphone use to just a few functions. You can however expand your smartphone’s capabilities and access interesting online tools. An example of a useful feature that you can add to your everyday or occasional use is the flower identification app.

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